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Student Bridge Loan

A Student Bridge Loan is one answer to a common problem. Say you’re already a in school  and you want to buy new tools, either to upgrade your current equipment, or you simply haven't gotten it yet. Or, you have hit a difficult time as a student, and you need to make some type of accommodations mid semester.Unless you have a big financial cushion, you probably don’t have enough money to get it done.

This option allows students to get the help they need with a reasonable interest rate.  With a bridge loan, your enrollment is the security on the loan. You’ll pay origination fees and closing costs on the loan. Once those costs and fees have been covered, you’ll have some money left over to put toward the gap.  

Generally, our Student Bridge Loans offers the following:

Maximum Term: 6 month

Interest rates will vary between: 5% - 12.99%

Maximum Amount: $250.00