​​​​Providing a financial solutions through community development...

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PEOPLE TRUST'S​ primary  PURPOSE is to promote community development by providing financial support and literacy for communities that would otherwise not receive said OPPORTUNITIES.  PEOPLE TRUST pledges to challenge what has become tradition in today's fluctuating socio-economical system.  The goal is to CREATE avenues for an elevated understanding of financial stability by stimulating and motivating an untapped region of the economy and the communities in which they dwell.


Most of  PEOPLE TRUST's clients are low-and very low income African Americans.  People Trust offers an alternative to credit cards and online payday lenders (storefront payday lenders are illegal in AR) that are typically low income peoples' only option for loans.  PEOPLE TRUST's small dollar consumer loans are consistent with the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) best practices: they are relevant( addressing borrower's specific needs and financial situations), timely (coinciding with key  life events or moments of decision), actionable ( combined with financial literacy, enabling borrowers to put newly gained knowledge into action right away), and ongoing ( developing long-term relationships to provide support and accountability).  They are also affordable, priced at a fixed rate of 5%, well below credit cards, predatory loans, and even traditional lender rates.  PEOPLE TRUST also provides micro loans for individuals who want to start their own businesses,  due to the  small size of the loans, the low income status of the borrower, the start-up nature of the business, and the lack of collateral, bank financing is not available.  PEOPLE TRUST's micro- borrowers CREATE Jobs for themselves, as well as other low income people.